to David Bursztein's Shtetl...



Actor, author, director, singer and composer.


From the stage of the Comédie Française

to Welt Orchestra ...

As many of my generation's fellows, I'm in this kind of unique and isolated connection to this culture. My wish it to humbly bring up a testimony of this lost word which lives in my inner self. 

Yiddish : this very language which I merely speak. This language made of fragments, fragments of "Yanglish" and " Frenddish", contractions of English and French, memories of Yiddish.

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Welt's musicians
Dibbouks, humor, songs
& co...

It takes no less than three Dibbuk to mention the Shtetl's memory and carry us over the past with humor, poetry and sometimes solemnity...

Music, bands and the first production company.

Over ten years of shows, venues, concerts and balls all over the world.

Talentuous musicians, fun and appreciative audience...


Alain Territo


Double bass


Musical saw

Vincent Pagliarin



With Sicilian origins and born in Martigues, South of France, Alain Territo becomes César Strocio's pupil, bandoneon of the Cuarteto Cedron.


Double bass gold medal at the CNR of Grenoble and first price in composition at the Dramatic authors and composers society, then graduated in Jazz.

Musician, actor, singer, composer ( La Chifonnie, Les oiseaux de passage, La Chrysalide, the National Popular Theater with Georges Lavaudant, Ilotopie, Ariadne, Barbaroque, Gérard Morel, and of course alongside David Bursztein for Welt and the other “Life is Not a Picnic” productions).

Lucas Territo



Lucas Territo was born in 1990.

He starts playing self-taught guitar in 2004, following an encounter with a guitarist singer who made him like this instrument.


During two years, he experiments various styles like folk, rock’n’roll, metal…

In 2006, after a concert by the “Doigts de l’Homme”, he takes an interest in gypsy jazz and starts thus to learn its fundamentals.


In 2008, after having obtained his bachelor degree, he decides to join musical studies, enters the APEJS (current music school) and the jazz section at the conservatory of Chambéry.

Since then, he obtained his MIMA diploma (musician and performer of current music) and is still a pupil at the conservatory.

Marie-Claire Dupuy
Vibes & cimbalum

Gold medal of the National conservatory of Montreuil-sous-Bois. 


Her career as a concert artist starts in 1978.

She performs in various philharmonic orchestras including "Concerts Lamoureux", « l'Orchestre Philharmonique des Pays de la Loire », « la Sinfonietta d'Amiens », « les concerts du Mans ».


In 1986, she moves in Provençal Drôme, and has participated ever since to diverse orchestras and groups, with varied musical styles, where improvisation always plays a large part.


Marie-Claire specializes in percussion keyboard instruments (vibes and xylophone), then in melodic (steelpans), and finally learns how to play cimbalom.

She also appeared in the MCD quartet, for the “Jazz à Vienne” festival, at the “steelpan European encounters” in Sète, at the “Grotorkestre”, in Jean-Louis Hourdin’s company, with Gérard Morel.

She is today an inherent member of the “Life is Not a Picnic” company for “Welt”.


Ludovic Zefish


Sound engineer

Born on July, 20 1965 in Sables d’Olonne, Ludo is alternatively and all together sound manager, and ingenior (studio and live), artistic director and musician.

Trained to be a general sound manager at the Grim Edif of Lyon on June 2008, he started his career as a radio host and technician from 1983 to 1987.

He will then become the sound director for numerous concerts of all sizes, in all kind and sizes of venues or festivals, including "Les Eurockéennes de Belfort, Musilac, Rocktambule, Fort Tamier, Transborder, Coopérative de mai, Brise glace, Zenith."


He's in charge of sound system conceptions, installation, maneuver, multi-track recording, and trains to studio-mixing techniques.


He's also artistic director, composer and sound manager for OUI’DIRE (Grenoble) from 1988 to 1998.

He was in charge of  various post production's works, the setting up and multiphonic mixing, original music, sound creation for numerous productions and television shows, as well as editor and sound mixer for a lot of  institutional movies and documentaries.


He ensured the technical management of audio installations in museums and of many other public cultural spots.


He has been the artistic director for the recording and mixing of more than 50 albums of all kind of music styles.

He also managed  and the mixed for groups and performers on various festivals.


He has been a musician since 1983 (bass guitar, guitar, keyboard, sampling) and has participated to a great number of concerts all around France.


References: Rhône Poulenc, Société Générale, Hewlett Packard, France Télécom, Thalassa, Les pieds sur l'herbe,  la BD "Akira », l’Eco-musée des Plannons (dans l'Ain), le Musée des Invalides (Paris), le Musée Dauphinois (Grenoble), le Musée du Lac de Paladru (Charavinnes), the show « Vizille Révolution » (Jean-Vincent Brisa on July 2010), the festival Panafricain d'Algérie on July 2009, « le plateau jazz » at the auditorium de la Radio, algerian television  in Alger.

Since 2004, he has intensively devoted himself to David Bursztein’s « Life is not a picnic » company, and of course, to the show “Welt”.

Born in 1962, in Baccarat.


He starts musical studies in Nancy, in Josette Durivaux Leyris' class where he graduates and gets the first price in violin and chamber music.


At the age of 18, he enters Paris' superior national conservatory in Christian Ferras and Devy Erlih's class.


After his studies, following a determining encounter with Pierre Blanchard, he steers towards Jazz music, and records a first disk with him, alongside Lee Konitz, André Ceccarelli, Cesarius Alvim and Alain Jean Marie.


Then he records a second one with the group "Gulf String", and a third one with "Art'Collectiv", a string ensemble composed with pupils from Courneuve's Jazz string classes, where he teaches with Pierre Blanchard.


At the same time, he performs in the contemporary music ensembles "2E2M" and "TM+".

In 1991, he records a disk with Michel Petrucciani, Dave Holland and Tonny Williams, among the quatuor "graffiti" where he is the first violin.


Then comes a tour, alongside Michel Petrucciani, when he performs in the greatest festivals (Montreux, Nice, Istambul, Rome, Londres, ...).


He also performed with Sun Ra, Abbey Lincoln, Omette Coleman, Michel Legrand, Yvan Cassard, Pierre Boulez, Thierry Boulanger, Eric Picard, Jean Marc Phillips, Vincent Perani, Vincent Courtois, Claude Barthelemy, Didier Levallet...


Performer and composer, he composes the music for two musical shows with "Life is not a Picnic” 's company.

Founding member of the quartet “Mélété” (violin, viola player, cello, oboe), and wanting to enhance their repertoire, he composes additional plays of various inspirations for this ensemble.


Very recently, he played the violin part for the musical “Rendez-vous”, at the “Théatre de Paris”, with Kad Merad.

Holding a state diploma as a music professor, he taught Jazz in Courneuve’s CNR and is now a violin professor at the CRD of Auxerre, where he also initiates pupils from string classes into Jazz and improvisation.







Jeremy obtains his bachelor degree as well as his certificate in musical studies for classical violin in 2010.

He studies violin at the conservatory with regional radiance of Aix en Provence.

In 2011, he enters the conservatory with regional radiance of Aubervilliers la Courneuve, where he studies classical and jazz music.


In 2011, he is hired to play in various concerts in the region of Paris and participates to the “Metalik orchestra” project with the band called “Magma”.


He obtains his certificate in classical violin at the conservatory with regional radiance of la Courneuve.


On October 2012, he enters the musical studies program in classical violin at the conservatory with regional radiance of Courneuve Aubervilliers.

Until April 2013, he was a member of Paris’ philharmonic orchestra.

Since 2013, he has given a great number of concerts and participated to various projects in Paris and surroundings as well as in Bourgundy. 


He integrates the show “Welt” in 2014 and is on stage with the whole company alongside David Bursztein at the festival of “Villeneuve les Avignon” on July 2014, then in Paris at the “studio de l’hermitage” on December.

He was also on stage ith "Welt" on January 2015 during the tour in Belgium, and in Paris at the theater “Le Lucernaire” for six weeks of performances between May and June 2015.


Jean-Marc Puigserver


Barell organ 


Jean Marc started to show up into the world of mechanical music as singers’ accompanist accordionist and Barrel Organ player (street shows, cabarets, festivals…) a decade ago.


Quickly contaminated by the magic of the “pierced cardboard”, he became addict in 2007, when he decided to settle as a cardboard piercer for barrel organs.

After being Pierre Charial’s pupil from 2009 to 2011, he now spends most of his time trying to broaden up the repertoire of this uncommon instrument up through every musical style possible and specialy in unexpected musical fusions. 

Light director